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Hurricane Beauty

The One For All

The One For All

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One Size Fits All

We're sure you have seen The One For All all over social media, we would like to thank our customers for helping us make it go viral and the consistent feedback to allow us to say we have created the ultimate design suitable for women of all sizes. Much love, we did this together!

Highest Quality Guaranteed

You can’t go wrong with The One For All, it assist with posture correction, back pain and it snatches it all! This trainer is suitable for people with a short or long torso, making it a no brainer for anyone that's sick of size charts creating a pleasant journey for any waist trainee.


1. Slide the band into the loop

2. Make sure the "35% latex + 65% polyester tag" is facing you

3. Wrap until you're snatched!


Seamless Design

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