About Us

Welcome to the The Hurricane Beauty Community! This is the hub where everything you want and need are in the same place. There may be a lot of beauty stores you can find online however, this store is where all the durable, high quality, and affordable products are posted. With several categories for you to choose, you will surely have everything you’re looking for on our store.

I’ve blogged before about my makeup mad mind starting at a young age. I loved my Polly Pockets and my Barbies, but what I really loved to do was bark at my friends to sit in a chair while I brushed their hair and smeared my Mum’s eyeshadow all over their face – poor things. Oh and let’s not forget those doll head models that came complete with plastic makeup. I ended up putting deodorant though the hair of my one while pretending it was hairspray. Her locks were never the same again. So you can see beauty has been something I always have, and always will, love. What can you expect from the products we have in our store?

  • Our products are sold at their best price.
  • Our products are sold at their best quality.
  • Our products do not only go with the trend, but with the need as well.
  • We offer assistance to your inquiries and concerns regarding our items.
Hurricane Beauty®  an online store that offers the best products and services on the web. We aim not only to give you a timely delivery of your orders, but to have a smooth transaction as well. We hope that after making a purchase from our store, you can attest that we deliver what we promised.

    If you have inquiries and suggestions about the products we have on our store, feel free to email us at support@hurricanebeauty.com. Your thoughts count! We would love to hear from everyone regarding their thoughts on some online products that you would like to be listed on our store.

    Don’t let the good deals pass you by. Grab them now! Feel free to take a tour on our store and narrow down your research on the products you would like to purchase. We would love to have them delivered to your doorstep!